The ECONOMICAL, ENVIRONMENTAL and QUALITY choice for your pellet fuel. Economical

purHEAT Hardwood Pellets and Woodsmith Premium Hardwood Pellets burn clean and hot, helping you maximize heating values while
minimizing ash clean up and appliance maintenance costs.

Wood pellets are affordable and pricing is stable. In fact, as more and more manufacturers enter the business, supply is increasing, causing downward pressure on prices.

The total cost of heating with wood pellets compares favorably with other forms of heating fuel.


Woodsmith Premium Hardwood Pellets are a sustainable biomass fuel made with renewable wood. Our pellets are made with 100% hardwood flooring plant residuals — reclaimed industrial waste.

Woodsmith Premium Hardwood Pellets burn hot and clean, generating better-than-industry-average BTUs per pound, with extremely low ash (about 0.7%). Better efficiency and lower emissions means more comfort and cleaner air.

There is something nice about knowing your fuel is growing back. 100% of the raw material used in our pellets is waste material from our hardwood flooring plant. And all of the wood we use for our hardwood flooring comes from the sustainably managed hardwood forests of the Missouri Ozarks.


Woodsmith Premium Hardwood Pellets

Our raw material comes from a flooring plant, so our pellets are virtually bark-free and very low ash, which means less need for stove cleaning on your end.

Because our raw material supply is consistent (we use only high quality kiln dried hardwood lumber for our flooring) our pellets are consistently high quality, producing steady output of about 8,500 BTU per pound.

Choose the best for your home heating needs - Choose Woodsmith Premium Hardwood Pellets.

Guaranteed Analysis

PFI Densified Fuel Grade: Premium
Mill Registration #16018

Grade Requirements:

Bulk Density: 40-48 lbs/ft3
Diameter: .230 - .285 in / 5.84-7.25 mm
Durability: > 96.5
Fines: < 0.50%
Ash Content (as received): < 1%
Length: < 1% > 1.5 in.
Moisture: < 8.0%
Chlorides: < 300 ppm

Manufacturers Guranteed Analysis:

Type of Material: Hardwood
Additives: < 2% Vegetable Based Oil
Minimum Heating Value (as received): 7800
Other Manufacturers Guarantees: < 0.7% Ash As Received


Woodsmith Pellets


PFI Member Pellet Fuels Institute Graded Fuel
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