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Site-Finished Advantages

There's really nothing that can beat a well-done, site-finished hardwood floor. Just to be clear, when we talk about a site finished floor, we mean hardwood flooring that comes out of the package with no finish on it and must be sanded and finished on site after it has been installed— the good, old-fashioned way. It's really the only way to put in a wood floor, and we think you'll agree.

Because it is sanded and finished after it's installed, your site-finished wood floor from Smith Flooring will be flat and smooth, with no irregularities, bumps or gaps between boards like those you generally encounter with a prefinished, or factory-finished, floor. That's because, like all manufactured products, not every piece of prefinished flooring is made exactly the same size as every other piece— there are manufacturing tolerances that allow for a noticeable difference in the thickness of the boards (a phenomenon known as "overwood" or "underwood" depending on whether the board in question is thicker or thinner than the standard). With site-finished flooring that thickness difference is sanded away before the finish is applied, leaving you with a nice smooth floor. But with prefinished flooring there is no sanding on site, so your floor may feel a little bumpy. To help alleviate this issue, most manufacturers add a tiny micro-bevel to the top edges of each board, and that helps make the surface of the floor feel smoother. But it comes at a cost: those micro-bevels form a tiny groove where dust and grime will accumulate between each board, making it much more difficult to keep your wood floors clean— particularly in high traffic areas such a kitchen or entry hall.

Another advantage to a site-finished floor is you'll have unlimited color options. With site finished flooring, your contractor will apply the finish after installing, leaving you with virtually unlimited color options for getting just the right shade. And, when the finish starts to wear out, your site finished floor can simply be sanded and refinished to bring it back to looking new again. This typically is not an option with prefinished flooring.

So if you really want long-lasting beauty and satisfaction, insist on a site-finished hardwood
floor from Smith Flooring.


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