Floor Care

Hardwood Floor Maintenance

Routine care for your wood floors is the key to ensuring they last. Generally, regularly sweeping or vacuuming and immediately cleaning up spills will be enough to prevent problems in your wood floors. For more complicated issues, we recommend following the guide below.

Floor Care Guidelines

Our installation and floor care guidelines outline the techniques to help you properly prepare your floors for installation, and maintain them once installed.

Floor Care Guide Installation Manual

Wood Floor Care

A solid wood floor, properly installed, will last a lifetime or beyond. But every so often, we do hear about performance problems. In almost every situation where there is a problem, the culprit is moisture. Wood flooring can gain or lose moisture as it acclimates to the environmental conditions where it is installed. This moisture can cause flooring to noticeably swell or shrink, which can cause buckling and obvious, unsightly gaps.

These issues can easily be avoided by properly addressing moisture-related issues before, during, and after installation. Common mistakes include installing over a wet subfloor, failure to acclimate the floor properly prior to installation, and improper care, such as allowing water to sit on the floor, or moisture to get trapped under rugs or appliances.

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