Why heat with wood pellets?

Woodsmith Premium Hardwood Pellets

Like most wood pellets, Woodsmith Premium Hardwood Pellets are:

  • Energy efficient — 80% or higher Heat Conversion Efficiency. That is better than virtually every other heating fuel type including oil and natural gas.
  • Easy to handle — 40-pound bags, with 50 bags to a pallet. Our pellets take up less space than your oil tank or firewood stack.
  • Cost efficient — Low cost plus high energy content makes Woodsmith Premium Hardwood Pellets among the lowest cost home heating options.
  • A renewable fuel source — The wood we make our flooring with is a 100% renewable resource and the raw material we make out pellets with is 100% reclaimed industrial waste from our flooring plant. It doesn't get any more sustainable than that.
  • Carbon neutral, as recognized by the Kyoto Protocol and U.S. renewable energy policies.
  • An economic driver, creating sustainable jobs and economic growth right here in southern Missouri.

Unlike most wood pellets, Woodsmith Premium Hardwood Pellets are:

  • 100% hardwood
  • Virtually bark-free
  • Very low ash
  • Extremely high heat output

Wood pellets are affordable and pricing is stable. In fact, as more and more manufacturers enter the business, supply is increasing, causing downward pressure on prices.

The total cost of heating with wood pellets compares favorably with other forms of heating fuel.

Woodsmith Premium Hardwood Pellets burn clean and hot, helping you maximize heating values while minimizing ash clean up and appliance maintenance costs.


Woodsmith Pellets




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