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After choosing high quality Smith Flooring, the next most important step in having a durable, beautiful wood floor is to ensure the flooring is properly installed, sanded and finished. We recommend finding an experienced professional installer to handle the job. Often your nearest Smith Flooring distributor will be able to recommend a few installers who work in your area.

Whether you hire the work out or decide to do it yourself, you should become familiar with proper installation guidelines, as well as the proper sanding and finishing guidelines. See the side bar to download PDFs.

A properly installed solid wood floor will last a lifetime or beyond. But occasionally we do hear about performance problems. In almost every instance where there is a problem, the culprit is moisture. Wood flooring naturally gains or loses moisture as it acclimates to the environmental conditions where it is installed. As this process occurs the flooring might noticeably swell or shrink, which can cause buckling or unsightly gaps. This can be easily avoided by addressing moisture-related issues before, during and after installation. Common mistakes include installing over a wet subfloor, failure to acclimate the flooring properly prior to installation, and improper care, such as allowing water to sit on the floor or moisture to get trapped under rugs or appliances. But the nice thing is you should have no trouble if you follow instructions in the links to the right.






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Proper Installation

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